Our Finishes


Over time, plating finishes on existing door/cabinet hardware, plumbing, thresholds, lighting fixtures, etc. become dull, worn or even corroded.Replacing existing items, such as Sherle Wagner™, Watermark™, PE Guerin™, and Kohler™, is not your only choice.

Your items can be renewed, restored or even changed to any finish for a fraction of the cost than purchasing new. We also serve the marine and car restoring industries with chrome plating. We work with general contractors, interior decorators, and cabinetry manufacturers, along with walk-in clients for general household needs.

How to Maintain Metal Plating

While we believe the quality of our plating to be superior, no plated finish is guaranteed. Its durability is a direct relationship to the quality of maintenance. All harsh chemicals and abrasives must be avoided. Cleaning should be done with mild soap and water and the surface should be buffed dry with a soft cloth.

Nickel Plating

Nickel plating is a process that coats objects with nickel. It is often used to protect an object from corrosion, as nickel is a very good corrosion inhibitor. Nickel plating can also improve the appearance of an object, making it look more shiny and metallic.

It works by dipping the object in a nickel bath to coat it. The nickel layer is then polished and buffed to a shine. Finally, a protective coating is applied to the nickel layer to prevent it from corroding.

Nickel plating is a popular process because it is affordable and produces a high-quality finish. It is often used on metal objects such as tools, coins, and jewelry.