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  • mark plating metal finishing and restoration
  • mark plating metal finishing and restoration
  • mark plating metal finishing and restoration

Metal Plating, Finishing & Polishing

At Mark Plating we restore and refinish hardware, plumbing, auto and boat parts as well as decorative household items. We plate metal products in every finish offered in the industry, such as silver, gold, chrome, nickel, brass, copper, pewter and bronze (see Finishes for a full list). Unlike other plating companies, though, we specialize in custom matching any plated finish, including trending decorative-finishes such as patinas, antique, burnishing, aged and weathered finishes. We are located in South Florida, serving Palm Beach, Dade, Broward and Martin Counties, but also serve customers at the national level, from New York to California.

Custom Metal Plating

Metal plating offers numerous benefits to metal items as well as those made from other materials. The plating process adds a thin layer of metal to a substrate that can be a different metal or even plastic. The technique gives the base material the following benefits:

Improved resistance to corrosion

Enhanced strength


Improved solderability

Reduced friction

Altered conductivity

Better paint adhesion

Increased magnetism

Metal Finishing

Metal finishing can add a decorative touch to metal items and also help metals resist corrosion or rusting as well as damage from normal wear and tear, air pollutants, and chemicals. There are numerous types of metal finishing with specific qualities and benefits. We can help you with choose the right type of finishing for your item or application. Metal finishing provides the following benefits:

Longer life expectancy of metal items

Improved resistance to corrosion and rusting

Increased durability

Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is a process that enhances the appearance of metal items, removes oxidation, prevents corrosion and creates a reflective surface. It can be used to restore the appearance of metal parts on cars, boats, cookware, kitchenware, and plumbing. Metal polishing provide the following benefits:

Increased durability

Better electrical conductivity

Resistance to corrosion

Increases brightness, reflectivity, and color

Improved electrical and chemical resistance

At Mark Plating you won’t receive just a standard finish, but a product that matches the exact shade of your other hardware or request. Working on a small scale, expert and boss Kevin Hendrickson oversees and approves every job ensuring the artistic and perfectionist quality for which we are known. 

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